Prices and Times

12 week course

Rookie Lifeguard £77.00

Rookie Bronze: Thursday 5.30-6.45

Rookie Silver/Gold: Thursday 6.00-7.15

For more information or to book please call 01452 864796

This programme features swimming and lifesaving skills supported by water safety education, allowing participants to enjoy swimming as an activity, whilst promoting safety in or out of the water.

Rookie Lifeguard divides into Bronze, Silver and Gold, with each having 3 levels. Children are required to complete each level before progressing to the next.
Our current term has been divided into Rookie Bronze and Rookie Silver/Gold due to increased popularity.

Available for children of 8 years and over and for those who have attained the NPTS Stage 7 or above

For more information please contact Brockworth Sports centre on 01452 864796